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little archive place for my sketches and thoughts



various doodles of my ocs and friends ocs

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kirsi in game

smol doodle dump of some games i've/i'm playing and made kirsi:

ffxiv: where her original character was created!!
for modernize setting, she has red hair and fair skin

have a bonus of what pre-kirsi would have been. my first au ra design

screenshot with argent o(^▽^)o

minecraft: i play this game every once in a while through the years. these are her 2 outfits for now, until im not lazy to edit the sprites.

i took an existing model and edit a bit to her color schemes. also w/ argent, and our dragons. its night oop, i rarely take pic of her in minecraft!!

one kehau took with an owl on her head

dreamlight valley: i like how customizable this game is!!

and project zomboid: w/ argent too (´ω`人)

i didnt save screenshot of her outfit since u lose everything when u die T_T but i did save this...of argent with kirsi LMAO

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happy 2023!!

heres to the new year!!


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rock band demons

been a while since i posted but i've been forming some new ocs and world!! they're a group of demons who want to make it big in the mortal world as a rockband. they have no names yet but:

started off with her design!! she was based off my dreamlight character. i ended up liking the doodle and decided to form her a bit more, thus created a small tidbit that shes a demon who wants to become a rockstar.

some of her band mates. still messing with their designs and personality

and lastly (for now). rockstar's girlfriend is a tentacle demon

been a while since i created a world and OCs. i feel almost rusty but its been fun so far!! i hope to develop them more and draw proper refs. +゚。*(*´∀`*)*。゚+

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watched cyberpunk edgerunners recently and im obsessed


i'm not too familiar with the game itself but the show definitely inspired me to design cyberwear for oc, kirsi.

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