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OC_tober - Ezere

my ffxiv son who's been with me since 2014 +゚。*(*´∀`*)*。゚+


Name: Ezere Kert
Age: mid 20s
Height: 5'11"/180cm

Personality: amiable, strong willed, care-free, a little dense

Likes: fishing, woodwork, seafood,
Dislikes: dogs

he's just a little guy who wants nothing but the best for everyone. dont worry about him. he's more worried about you and hope you're doing ok.

Random Facts:
- name pronounces as Ehz-zur-ray
- started off as a joke otp with (Kehau's character) Zia , eventually made canon otp
- has a younger sister, Rilala. and a younger brother, Verin. both are more mature than him
- originally his personality was more of an open-perv?! but because i played with friends on voice chat regularly, our chatters helped me figure him out better. a lot of his personality formed by irl gameplay chatter
- ideally wanted Ezere to have the body type and association of Amalj'aa & Ifrit then read they were lizard ppl. i thought they were cats LOL

- some thoughts of au/beastform Ezere tho, he has the big body type. he's a black lion

- - - - -


- - - - -

Character History:

started ffxiv arr beta around august. didnt really get into it until later that year. he started off as a redhead lancer because the dragoon class looked the coolest to me. i also wasnt aware of ffxiv namesake lore so he doesnt have a proper miqote name oops LOL

- - - - -

got more into the game and practically played nonstop. decided to take on tank role with warrior. i was also trying to develop Ezere into his own character vs just playing the game. also, with leveling up and progressing in the game, unlocked clothes!! a lot of stuff didnt match with his red hair so i gave him black hair.

- - - - -

i dont play the game as much and he's heavily tied to it. so he's been MIA. but i still love my pure boy.

his cyberpunk getup is inspired by ffxiv's ifrit!!

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